In addition to visualizing goals, you also need to use affirmations.
Affirmation is, first of all, a positive announcement about what you consider to be true, or about some truth according to which you decide to live.

Moreover, the use of affirmations is the key to continuously moving forward toward the desired.
Goals must be achieved mentally before the opportunity arises to realize them financially.
A few rules for formulating affirmations:

  • First, state your affirmations in the affirmative.
  • Secondly, do not use the particle «not»

Of course, visualization and affirmation can crack any barriers to success.
Depending on which affirmations you choose for yourself, you get the result.

The main condition for the performance of your own affirmations is to choose those that express your desires.
Then visualize them and repeat over and over.

As a result, your affirmations summarize what you are. What you say is what you get — both good and bad.
Whenever you happen to say something negative, rephrase that statement in a positive way.

Moreover, never think about events that you do not want. Think only about what you want, regardless of the outcome of the situation. What do you think and say usually and get


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