Age is just number

Age … No matter how old you are in reality — the main thing is how much you feel. The numbers in the passport are just a formality.

You can, of course, cite as an example a woman who is over forty but she feels like twenty … But this is not our case. Of course, this also applies to this topic, but we will consider another direction.

Adult opinion

How often have you heard from adults «you are too young», «you are too early …»; «Talk about it when you grow up?» Is that familiar? It seems that in rare cases this can not be heard. First of all, this will be our talk.

Why are adults convinced that your thoughts / opinions / decisions are entirely dependent on age? Why immediately reject them and perceive them as something frivolous?

All this is due to the prevailing principles of the “past generation”. Which say that the older, the smarter / wiser and so on. Of course, do not forget about exceptions — those cases where adults do not care about your opinion. But now a general case has been described.

By the way, your “inner age” may depend on the effects of adults. If your desires / thoughts / views are constantly rejected. Then they will create special “age limits” beyond which you yourself dare not go beyond. That is, you will think and act on your age. If you consider your opinion important / evaluate your thoughts, fresh views, then this will be an impetus for your development. You will only expand your horizons, get rid of all prejudices regarding age.

Of course, most age-related restrictions occur in adults because of fear for their child. For example, “you cannot spend the night with your friend”, “it’s too early for you to travel on your own”, “you cannot earn money, because you are still a child!”; “All your activity is not serious” … is all fear. Fear that you are just a defenseless child until you are 18 years old.

Only after 18 does independent life begin!

In fact, it’s just ridiculous, what’s wrong with this 18 year old? We will not touch upon generally binding laws, but let’s talk about this …

About the principles of adults who constantly say, «Well, when you are 18, then we’ll talk.»


Consider an example:

A girl of 16 years old wanted to go abroad with her friends. By law, this is feasible. So, the only obstacle was the position of the parents “you are still too small! When you are 18, then go at least on all four sides! ” So that is all. That was the end of the whole journey, simply because the parents said: «It is impossible.»

So what is it like at 18 …, why the majority is sure that 18 years is some kind of threshold, having crossed that, the child becomes an adult.

It is not known who created such a “system”, but this is such nonsense … No one will acquire any features at the click of a button (by type of independence / responsibility). It is either there, or it is not and will not be. Therefore, parents who think that it is possible to allow children to do something “adult” only after 18 are very mistaken. It even looks more like an excuse. In fact, parents simply do not trust their children. And this is a completely different problem …

Do as you feel

If you yourself feel that you are ready, go for it. Let no one and nothing stand in your way! The main thing is desire, but there will be opportunities! There will always be someone who will support your endeavors.

Just do not forget about the framework of law and morality. Everything should be within normal limits. Please note that all of the above applies to harmless activities that will not harm you or others

I just want to convey to you that if there is a desire, there are goals, then you need to strive for them, overcoming such restrictions as, for example, age. Also, you can read this post in Russian language.

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