Champions. Faster. Higher. Stronger.

Champions. The coaches noticed young Svetlana Khorkina back in the Belgorod sports school. After a series of victories, the gymnast was invited to the national team. Despite the non-standard build for this sport, Svetlana began to win one medal after another. Until I realized that the family is important to her no less than sports victories.


Swimmer Alexander Popov had every chance of becoming one of the most famous champions. But a stab wound received in a fight with hooligans, for several months deprived him of the opportunity to train. Overcoming the pain, himself and the verdicts of the doctors. Popov returned to the pool and won another gold.

A wrestler from Novosibirsk Alexander Karelin in his sport sees not only muscle contraction, but also a deep philosophy. A diverse approach to training and special training allowed Karelin to bring three Olympic gold medals. Three stories of victories and defeats, three heroes who glorified Russia on sports grounds.


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