A dog named Mani

Nothing can stop you from seeking your innate right to welfare. Our natural mission is to live with dignity and security, and if you yourself do not allow it, nothing can stop you.

The book «A dog named Mani»

In the form of an artistic story, it will tell us the story of a little girl Kira and her dog — a talking labrador named Mani. Throughout the book, the dog helps the girl determine her financial goals and instill positive financial habits. In general, the work outlines the same principles for achieving financial success as in another book by Bodo Schaefer — “The Path to Financial Independence”.

First of all, the author positioned Mani as adapted for children and adolescents. But after the publication of the book, I received many positive reviews from adults! Most of them agreed that a person unprepared (only embarked on the path of personal growth), the ideas of Bodo Schaefer easier to perceive from a work of art.

We do not start business not because they are difficult. They are difficult because we do not start them.

Moreover, the author formulates the global financial goal as achieving financial freedom. Simplified, in 3 tasks, the author sees the path to the goal as:

  1. Set aside a certain percentage of all your income.
  2. To organize the work of capital and its multiplication.
  3. Living happily at the expense of capital income.
Dog mani

Sounds pretty simple?

As Schaefer himself says in the preface to the book:

At the very moment when we make the conclusion “I already know this,” we stop learning.

And the question for the most part is not to learn new things. In that it is reasonable to put knowledge into practice.

And also, the book contains a lot of “motivational tricks”: a success diary, a wish album, a piggy bank of wishes …

Sounds childish?

We reformulate: we must clearly set ourselves financial goals and carefully monitor our progress towards them.

Moreover, the book gives us basic ideas about:

  • Capital;
  • Financial purposes;
  • Differences between goals and desires;
  • Debt and debt management;
  • The basic rules of investing money;
  • Forms and investment strategies;
  • Instrument returns and inflation;
  • Personal finance structure. The author strictly delimits savings for large consumer goals and for the main. The global goal is to achieve financial freedom.

As a bonus, the book will tell you how to quickly calculate the compound interest in your mind. (if you didn’t know about it). Also, you can read this post in Russian the text is taken from this site.

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