Make a first step.

First step. Most likely, each person found himself in a situation in which he had to do something for the first time. It scared, alarmed. For everyone, this seems unthinkable, impossible. But let’s see if this is true?

We have repeatedly touched on the topic of fear … but why? First of all, a sense of fear is able to control our emotions, decisions, life. And also, it all depends on the degree of impact of fear on your life. And the degree of his influence depends on your self-control.

First step. What is it? This is what you are doing for the first time, this is the beginning of something new, a step into the unknown …

How does it feel to you to accept that this “first step» is necessary? Hmm … maybe it’s uncertainty? Fear? Alertness? Or intrigue and attraction?

Each has its own feelings and sensations. And everyone has a certain force of influence on their consciousness.

first step

How to take the first step.

  • First of all, you need to collect all your will into a fist. And also add determination, courage and masculinity.
  • Take control of your emotions.
  • Morally prepare for this, systematize your actions.
  • Get ready for any outcome. Not always taking the first step, you get what you expect, what you sincerely hope for. Just accept the result as a fact.
  • Try. It’s always better to try … sometimes even disappointed than not to try at all. Regrets that you did not try when there was an opportunity will only complicate your life.
  • Experiment! Realize that life is one. So you need to try everything! First of all, satisfy your desires and needs. Live for yourself. Why not take the “first step” when you really want it)

To summarize, I want to say … Of course, to take the first step is difficult. Sometimes it seems that this is impossible. But if you think about it, every person has come across this and is still alive. Therefore, nothing bad happens. So, all the barriers are in our heads, but we should fight against them.


Youth is a time for “first steps”, new discoveries, mistakes and disappointments … But this is the whole charm of this magical time! And also, you can read this post in Russian language.

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