You are the master of your life

Remember these words: “You are the master of your life! You bear full responsibility for it. Only you can lead and manage it. If something doesn’t suit you in your life, only you are to blame! No need to blame anyone. This is your choice. It’s your life.»

Remember, you are the master of your life.

Well, remember, who is the master of his life? And now, not only remember, but also think about these glories and realize their significance. Got it? Well then, let’s begin …

So … If it still doesn’t reach you, then, man, you have problems with self-confidence! Surely you cannot understand the meaning of these words, because you have not been given the opportunity to apply them in action. No, there is always an opportunity! And you just chose a different path. Fears prevailed, and someone somehow had a much greater impact on your life than you yourself. Is that familiar? Now think about how to fix it …

For starters, think about who, if not you? Who needs YOUR life? You can tell some specific people, but that’s not so. Be it close people / crooks / ill-wishers (not so important) they are only interested in your life. Do you understand? They just show interest. As you know, the manifestation of interest is fleeting. That is, people who are interested will soon switch to their own life, and they will leave you on their own.

Why is this all. Do not let other people influence your life in any way. And also, do not give them the right to make a decision, which you must make yourself. Take responsibility only on yourself.

But what to do with the opinion and influence of those around him? First of all, you need to divide them into «positive» and «negative» and deal with each type individually.

Positive type of influence:

It is usually expressed in people’s efforts to help. Since they give advice based on personal experience, mistakes. In this way, they try to isolate you from unnecessary «rake» on the way. All this is done with love and care.

Is it worth it to be affected if it can somehow change your life? Yes, but do not go against your will. If you feel that this is only good for you, then listen to this opinion. But what if otherwise …?


 Loving parents want a better life for their child * in their opinion *, so they insist that he go to study as a lawyer. But the child himself is interested in acting and understands the movie. Parents believe that this «unreliable» interest does not guarantee him prosperity in the future, so they do not even consider such a profession as an actor.

It turns out that the child shows a desire to engage in one activity, and the parents impose the opinion that there is no use for this activity.

So parents, as it were, take care of their child, but at the same time do not reckon with his opinion, which in the end, can lead to sad consequences in his life.

From this example, it follows that a “positive” influence can and depressingly affect your life. You are the master of your life

master of your life

Negative type of influence.

As a rule, it is expressed in criticism, various oppressions. Such an effect simply needs to be ignored, to be higher than that. If people have such an effect on you, then they have problems. First of all, problems with self-esteem, envy, fear of being worse than you. And also, you just need to filter your environment and get rid of such people. Believe me, you will not lose anything.

For example, the Girl was interested in drawing. She had a desire to engage in this activity. At first, she lacked practice and skill (but she felt great inclinations). While the environment believed that drawing was not hers. “How much you can draw — nothing comes of you. Go better, get busy! ” Under the influence of this influence, the girl quit drawing. She gave up.

That is, because of the opinions of those around her, she refused her hobby, what she likes. And who knows … maybe a talented and highly paid artist would come out of it?

This case significantly influenced the fate of the girl. Now think … are there many like her?

In order not to bring to this, you just need to understand and measure. Criticism will always be! You will not please everyone in this world. Just forget it! Live for yourself, live as you want, because THIS IS YOUR LIFE!

Conclusion: Do not be influenced by society. Live for yourself. It’s your life. Do not be dependent on the opinions of others. Do what you think is necessary so that you don’t regret later that you have cheated on yourself. YOU are the master of your life. And also, you can read this post in Russian language.

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