Develop your talent

Talent — what is it? Opportunity? Quality? Feature? Or a chance?

Absolutely every person in his life came across a similar concept. It could be expressed in the form of “Wow! Yes, you have talent! ”; “Just leave this business … you simply don’t have talent for it” or “This person is successful in this field, only because he has talent.”

What is talent?

Don’t you think that sometimes people overestimate it? Many are convinced that the result of success is only it.

For example, take any popular artist and what people think about him. Many believe that his success lies only in the fact that he was «born under a happy star», he has an innate talent — a voice. And it is precisely because of this that he is where he is now.

With these beliefs, these «many» begin to infringe on themselves. In terms of what they believe, “I won’t succeed, because I don’t have a talent like him.” That is, they live in the illusion that the reason for everything is just that.

But in fact, everything is much more complicated. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And this is far from the reason for success.


What qualities are important?

Behind success are qualities such as perseverance, determination, work, perseverance, etc. … and only at the end can we mention talent.

Yes, we agree that there is a certain benefit from it (someone shows an ability for something, someone perceives information faster, etc.) — it is easier to use it.

That is why it needs to be developed and maintained.

Find your forte. What you manage to do. Once you have decided, develop this skill, gain experience, practice more.

It is worth nothing without development. The “data from nature” skills will simply lose their value. Support him through labor. This is how a skill is developed that, over time, turns into mastery.

In this article, we did not claim that talent means nothing. We just wanted to show how fragile his «strength» is.

Do not envy other people’s talents. Do not be conceited by your talent, value it and constantly support it and develop it. Also you can read this post in Russian language.

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