Subtle art of indifference

The subtle art of indifference

🧩 Year of writing: 2016
🧩 Rating to Liters: 4.10

Modern society promotes the cult of success: be smarter, richer, more productive — be the best. Social networks are replete with stories on the topic of how some kid came up with an application and earned a ton of money. Especially, articles in the spirit of a thousand and one way to be happy. A friend’s photo gives the impression that people around us live better and more interesting than we do. However, our focus on positive and success. Only reminds us of what we have not achieved, dreams that have not come true.

How to become truly happy? The popular blogger Mark Manson in his book The subtle art of indifference offers his own, original approach to this issue. First of all, his philosophy of life is simple. You need to learn the art of indifference. Having determined what you really care about. And also, you need to be able to spit on everything secondary, score on difficulties. As a result, to hell with someone else’s opinion and be ready to face failure and show them the middle finger.

The subtle art of indifference

Also, you can read about this book in Russian langiage.

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