This is the end? Not. This is just the beginning!

Have you ever had moments when it seemed like there was no more strength to continue? When were you ready to quit what you started, never reaching the final goal? Moments when did you give up?
I think that many people have these situations … can we assume that these many are weak people? Is this the end?

No, this is not the end.

Definitely a lack of motivation is a weakness. So, quite those who have been oppressed by their own beliefs can be called weaklings.

What causes this feeling?

The decline in productivity is primarily due to a lack of motivation. Laziness and inaction also contribute to this. If you have all the components, consider it a combo! Well, after that it’s already strange to ask the question “why did it happen like this? / Why I can no longer? Etc». There are reasons for the face.
So it doesn’t work out just like that. It can also be systematic.

To begin with, let’s explain what systematically means.

Almost any activity is a systematic process that has a cyclical and periodicity.

That is, the activity process cycle has a certain algorithm.

  • The beginning of the action: the influx of motivation, a lot of strength and energy, the willingness to roll mountains.
  • After a while: awareness of the complexity of the process, the expenditure of energy, a sense of responsibility. A less active desire to achieve a goal, moving towards it from the last forces.
  • Recession: decline in productivity, awareness of how much effort has been invested, but the desired result has not yet been achieved. The desire to move on literally disappears and hands are folded …
This is the end? Not. This is just the beginning!

But then the statistics are divided into two ways. Which one to choose depends only on the person himself.

  • The first. End: you put an end to all your endeavors. You give up, simply because it’s easier. Of the advantages — now you are free, nothing bothers you … I don’t want to go for a walk! Of the minuses — you’re a wimp … and the fact that now it has become easier for you does not save you from further remorse.
  • Second. Pause: temporary abstention from activity. A kind of break. Time to rethink, self-inspiration. Strengthening motivation, reminding yourself of the goal and all subsequent benefits.
  • Uplift: return with renewed vigor to familiar activities.
  • Thus, we see a system that is characterized by decline and rise. So the period when it seems that the forces are already running out is not the end!

How to prevent this.

Constantly motivate yourself, remember the goal you are pursuing. Discipline yourself. Be steadfast and courageous

First of all, think about what you have already done, what path you have traveled, how much time and effort you spent on it. After that, you will feel sorry for your work, and just like that, you definitely will not give up activity.

If you feel that you are not able to control yourself, as an option, you can ask someone for help) Someone who will support and give a «kick in the ass» if necessary. Plus, when you dedicate someone to your business, you feel an additional responsibility.
In conclusion, we say that any crisis can be overcome. After any decline, there should be a rise. You just need to have patience, perseverance and fortitude. Also, you can read this post in Russian language.

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