Value of time

Have you ever thought about the value of time? Thinking about how much you have left? How long has life passed? How did you spend / spend this time? Usefully or … no?

Value of Time.

Time is the greatest value, the main resource. Neither sell it nor buy it … And you won’t regret anything as much as wasting time thoughtlessly.

If we talk about regret, then lived in vain — this is one of what people regret before death. Only when people’s time is running out, they begin to ask themselves questions … «Is this really the end ?!»; “How could I live my life like this? Was this given me time? What have I achieved? Where am I now?»; «Why did I spend my life so meaninglessly?»; “What is my time spent on? My main resource … «

It’s a pity that many people ask themselves these questions only then … In fact, these words / questions / possible actions do not mean anything, because it is TOO LATE. As they say, the engine left, time does not wait. And at that moment, people just finish themselves up with such questions. In the end, they realize that everything was in vain, begin to blame themselves, to become depressed. Moreover, the most annoying thing is that nothing can already be fixed. Since life does not give a second chance, this is a very tough game. Either you win and become a winner, or you lose and leave it amazed. Everything is simple.

So … it was described the saddest outcome of life events … Well, now let’s talk about the positive, about how to prevent this !!!

To begin with, understand — TIME IS YOURS ALL. How you manage your time is up to you. So, it is time to move your brains and finally understand this and begin to competently manage your time.

For a competent order you need to realize the «amount» of time.

value of time

A bit of math:

Time is life. Day — 24 hours. A week is 168 hours. A month — 730 hours. Year — 8760 hours. 10 years — 87,600 hours. Life expectancy is 700800 hours.

The numbers seem impressive … it seems like so many!

BUT let’s take a look at the real numbers when you are active and really live.

1/3 of life we spend in a dream, that is, this time can be considered passive. And what remains with us? 467,200 hours — for an active life. It is also worth considering the time when we are unconscious of our life (childhood) — 105,120 hours. 362080 hours left. Does it still seem a lot?

What is the problem?

I think the problem is that we do not see the countdown. Agree, you would be bothered by decreasing numbers, which would be a reminder that time is running out.

It is precisely because we cannot estimate the amount of time, feel its transience, we cannot take control of it.

Remember, you probably had moments when it seemed that ahead all day / all week / all summer … And then one fine moment you realize that this time is coming to an end! And you wonder how it went so fast. It turned out that you simply «did not have time» to implement many plans for this period. And you didn’t have time, not because too little time was given, but because of that you used it irrationally, in other words, made a fool of yourself. And by this principle, as a result, all life can pass …

Just imagine — ALL LIFE. If you are so sorry about the day, then imagine how you will regret your whole life. First of all, you need to think about life, about time, NOW. As they say, every minute counts! While you have time, it’s not too late. You have to make a choice: correctly manage time — live life 100% — live without regrets or continue to ignore the passage of time — wasteful attitude to it — spend your life on meaningless actions — live regrets. First of all, your task is to make the right choice. Value of you’re time. And also, you can read this post in Russian language.

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