What is a goal?

How often have you heard that the most important thing in any activity is setting goals? Or the fact that at the very beginning of work on something you need to set a goal …
Purpose. What is it? This is the end result, for which all actions have been done.

Is the goal advice? What is a goal?

Speaking about any activity, most people cannot start, many lack motivation precisely because they do not see a specific goal.
Agree, when you are interested in “how to learn English / how to play sports regularly / how to learn to draw, etc.” — the first advice from anyone will be- DECIDE FOR A PURPOSE. Definitely, this is not just that, and these are far from annoying or banal words / advice. It is a fact.
Thus, we advise you not to ignore this advice, but rather put it in the first place.

What happens if the goal is missing?

An activity without a goal is like a path to nowhere … Well, think for yourself, you are doing something, investing in it, and then asking yourself the question “why?” And it turns out that there is no specific goal. After realizing this, you think, «Well, why do I then do it …». And after that you quit what you started. So what? It turns out that everything is in vain.

The goal is the foundation.

Yes, the goal is the foundation of the basics and the beginning of the beginnings! Let’s just say that with goal setting everything should start. The goal is set at the beginning of the path. But at the same time it is its end, as an indicator of the result. The goal is awareness and a reminder of where / for what the activity is directed.

what is a goal?

How to determine the goal?

You might think that this is not an easy task … Perhaps it is. But in fact, there are no exact criteria. There are many conditions on which goal setting depends.

So how do you decide on a goal …?

First of all, understand what you want. What are your motives. What will it give you. Think about what you can achieve in life, doing one or another activity.
Next, analyze what needs to be done to achieve the desired / what your activity will be directed to. What do you need to do regularly, are you ready for this?
After comprehension, accept what is desired as something binding. Let it be your goal. Your object of activity.
As a result, we came to the conclusion that the goal is desire. Desire with a specific focus.


• Desire: speak English Agree, it looks superficial and lacks specificity. Most often, at this stage, desire will remain desire. Since there’s not even a conversation going on about “how to talk, with whom, what, for what, etc.” …

• Purpose: to learn to understand and communicate with a native speaker in an informal setting
-There is already more specifics … so you will realize that if you do not understand the medium, then your goal is not achieved. It follows that your activity, which was aimed at this goal, was not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to continue work so that the goal is nevertheless achieved.

• Ways to achieve the goal: This is an activity that is aimed at achieving the goal. You define it yourself. Choose what is convenient for you. But the main condition is that this activity should be mandatory and regular.

As a result, we came to the conclusion that the goal is a very important aspect. Without a goal, your activity will be meaningless. Set yourself new goals and take action! Also you can read this post in Russian language.

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