Willpower. How to develop and strengthen.

Posted by: McGonigal Kelly
Title: Willpower. How to develop and strengthen
Genre: Psychology

Willpower, abstract:

Physical health, financial situation, relationships with others depend on willpower — this is a well-known fact. But why do we miss her so often? On the one hand, we control ourselves. But on the other hand — are we overwhelmed by feelings and we lose control? Stanford professor Kelly McGonigal, summarizing the latest research, explains. First of all, how to replace bad habits with useful ones, how to stop putting things off at the last moment, learn to focus and cope with stress. As it turned out, using McGonigal’s methodology, it’s surprisingly easy to cultivate willpower — no matter why you need it. Lose weight, quit smoking, exercise, stop checking your mail every five minutes, or find a new job. You can’t even imagine how underestimating your capabilities!


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